Customized machinery

We accept all inquiries to develop new products for machinery makers and end users.
At Long New we have a group of professionals from R&D to QC to ensure the smooth development process from initial evaluation and planning to the final completion and testing.
By leveraging such experience and knowledge, Long New offer customized solutions to resolve issues from different perspectives such as a retrofit of a particular component or the an upgrade of a whole line.

According to your final products, samples and material, we find your process mapping, and assist to configure your machine.
In addition to Long New's committment in continuous research and development to ensure that we remain at the cutting-edge of the flexible packaging industry, Long New also works closely with machine makers from other industries, providing them with customized solutions by designing and/or manufacturing components or complete lines. By taking full advantage of Long New's strong development capacity and highly skilled workforce, customers can effectively reduce the production cost but still maintain the quality. Such service had been provided to Japanese and German partners and it has been proven to be a win-win cooperation for all parties.

Customized machine:

Converting 4.0

Long New strives to move forward with the principle of 'smart factory' and 'Industry 4.0'. We will work closely with customers to include automation, production data collection and analysis and using big data to increase efficiency and minimize down time in their daily operation.

The industry 4.0 is a new trendsetting: Networked machines allow control of production by available data in real production time, and thus lead to the improvement of machine programs, the setup and maintenance times, energy efficiency and more.

The monitoring and use of production data will lead to increased productivity and flexibility, and facilitate the monitoring and initiation of optimizing measures.

Analysis of your productive systems, design of the intelligent factory based around your needs, software development and creation of integrated systems, supply of machinery and components, installation and cost management.

At Long New, we focus on modular approach in the designing of our products which allows the features and options to be customized and added as needed as we understand it is our responsibility to help our customers keep abreast of times and always stay competitive.

Solution for every type of equipment
Long New creates the best solutions for all types of equipment in order to optimize the machinery and gain highest possible productivity.
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